Solid Insights Consulting

Consulting services that combine a strategic, business and organizational perspective and are reflected in result-oriented processes

Founder and CEO

Maher Daoud

Entrepreneur, expert in business management, and in the fields of consulting, graduated with a master's degree in organizational-applied sociology at the University of Haifa and a bachelor's degree in psychology and management at Ben Gurion University of the Negev.

Our Vision

Our vision is to develop, make available and lead practical consulting processes for businesses and organizations in the local and international market, along with promoting intercultural cooperation.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to assist our clients in achieving their goals by formulating well-founded insights, producing practical action plans and closely accompanying them in their implementation

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Strategic Development

Organizations and businesses operate in a dynamic competitive environment characterized by limited resources. The ability to survive and develop depends on planning and formulating a correct strategy. Our services allow organizations and businesses to examine their strategic position in relation to the environment and emerging trends, thereby deriving their relative advantages and focusing their efforts in order to achieve optimal results.

Organizational Development

Organizations are created from structured cooperation between two or more people in order to achieve goals defined according to a shared vision. In order for the goals to be achieved in the most efficient way, work, coordination and cooperation should be conducted optimally. Our services provide clear frameworks that help in understanding the complexities that exist within organizations. Based on this understanding, we build and support processes to improve the organization's ability to achieve its goals and realize its vision with high efficiency.

Business Development

A successful business is a business that brings profit to its owner, therefore, every business must work to increase its income and reduce its expenses. Many businesses do not invest the time required to check and follow up on key business issues and this leads to small profits and even in some cases to a loss. Our services provide an answer to the variety of business issues faced by a business owner who wants to maximize their profits. They also provide a variety of tools for managing the cash flow and achieving the best results for them

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